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National Incident Database

Contribute to NZ Outdoor Safety Culture!

The National Incident Database aims to:

• Standardise a method of collecting and analysing outdoor incidents
• Provide an easy-to-use incident reporting format for all outdoor organisations
• Identify incident trends for organisations and the outdoor sector
• Inform current accepted practice
• Assist in development of ‘next’ practice
• Contribute to New Zealand’s outdoor safety culture

Recording, analysing and sharing information about your incidents has long been accepted as current best practice within the outdoor and many other sectors, as understanding and sharing incident data contributes to enhanced safety standards.

Therefore, your school/club/organisation should be registered and actively using the NID to record and understand its own data as well as being aware of the national data that is compiled in the annual report. Click here for the latest report

For any questions please contact us via email.


“The National Incident Database gets organisations
asking ‘what are the factors in our current operations that could lead to such an incident happening here’,
and ‘can we make changes to safeguard against the
same thing happening to us?”

Rex Moir
Dept of Labour Senior Advisor


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