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MSC has recently released a report on “Outdoor Recreation Participation and Incidents in New Zealand." 

More info available here



To undertake research and develop standards for outdoor safety is one of the four key goals of MSC.  The purpose of this research goal is to be able to better understand the social and physical environment that the MSC exists within in order to make informed decisions that benefit the outdoor sector and environment.


  • MSC initiates, supports, funds and  distributes  outdoor related research findings through a variety of means
  • The MSC embraces both qualitative and quantitative research and diverse methodologies to mirror the diverse ways in which experiences in the outdoors may be accounted for.
  • MSC has a Programme Manager responsible for research and evaluation
  • MSC has a Research Committee made up of respected academics and researchers from around New Zealand 

There are a number of ways you can enter the research process:

  1. You are interested in undertaking outdoor research but you do not have a defined research project. See flow chart 1.
  2. You are interested in undertaking outdoor research and you have a clear research project. See flow chart 2.
  3. You or your organisation has a research question you would like investigated. Discuss possible collaborations for research or combined funding applications with the MSC Research Programme Manager
  4. You want to share a progress report or have research findings you would like to communicate. Contact  info@mountainsafety.org.nz to discuss the best way to communicate your research message to the widest and most appropriate audience. 

MSC believes that with more people involved in the process of producing, communicating and understanding quality outdoor research we can have more robust debates and well informed practice.  We encourage you to engage with this research process in any way that meets your needs.




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