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Firearms Safety Course

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Firearms Safety Course

PLEASE NOTE: To book your firearms safety test you must contact the Arms Officer at your local NZ Police station

The Firearms Safety course is for members of the public who wish to learn about the safe use of firearms.  The course is primarily for new firearms licence applicants who are required to undergo a course of firearms safety training and pass a theoretical test on firearms safety as per Regulation 14 of the Arms Regulations 1992.  The course is delivered under a contract on behalf of the NZ Police.

Course Includes:
Participants will receive instruction on:

Course Prerequisites:
Open entry

Course Level:

This course can range from two to three hours

Recommended Course Resources:
The New Zealand Police Arms Code

This is the primary reference for this course.  It will be made available to all course participants as part of the course cost.

Booking a Course:
Bookings for this course are made through the local New Zealand Police station or Police Arms Office. Participants need to book their place on a course prior to attending.    

For a copy of the full course description please CLICK HERE.



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