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Close call reminder to follow The Outdoor Safety Code, Dec, 2010 (100kb)
A close call for a 45-year-old tramper - seven days into a solo tramp through the Tararua Ranges north of Wellington - is a clear reminder to be prudent and take proper care in the outdoors.




NZ Mountain Safety Council issues reminder to check your tramping equipment now, Nov, 2010 (104kb)
With summer round the corner, now is the time to check the condition of your tramping and camping equipment – before you need to use it.




Mountain Safety Council welcomes report on adventure tourism, August, 2010  (296kb)
New Zealand Mountain Safety Council Chief Executive Darryl Carpenter welcomed the recommendations of the Department of Labour’s Report into Adventure Tourism Safety.




Skiers and Trampers advised to take extreme care during severe weather period, August, 2010 (119kb)
The Mountain Safety Council’s main concerns are skiers heading into the back-country once the weather clears and people attempting to cross swollen streams and rivers.
 PDF-ICON  Trampers advised to avoid the outdoors during severe weather period, May, 2010 (439kb)
Following the severe weather warning issued by MetService today, New Zealand Mountain Safety Council strongly recommends that trampers and other bush users carefully consider their choices before going into the outdoors during this period.
  PDF-ICON Be careful duck shooting this season, May, 2010 (175kb)
Safety with shotguns should be a priority for all duck shooters this season. Last year there were reported six non intentional incidents resulting in shotgun injuries say’s Mr Spray.


 PDF-ICON Lessons must be learnt from Mangatepopo, March, 2010 (135kb)
Lessons must be learnt from the deaths of six students and their teacher at the Mangatepopo Stream while participating in a canyoning activity.



Trampers Urged to use the Outdoor Safety Code, March, 2010 (110kb)
After the deaths last year of two trampers in the Tararuas, Mountain Safety Council is urging trampers to follow the Outdoor Safety Code by being aware of the weather, taking sufficient supplies and taking appropriate means of communication.

PDF-ICON  Roar Season Warning: Positively identify your target, March, 2010(108kb)
That is the message of Mr Mike Spray, Firearms and Hunter Training Programme Manager for NZ Mountain Safety Council, as the Roar approaches.

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