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Whakatūpato - Firearms Safety

The Mountain Safety Council delivers the Firearms Safety programme nationally under contract with NZ Police.  Under Regulation 14 of the Arms Regulations (1992), all new firearms licence applicants are required to undergo a course of training and pass a theoretical test to determine the applicant’s ability to handle firearms safely.

The Whakatūpato programme (meaning ‘take care’) aims to provide firearms safety training to remote and rural communities where for many reasons it may be difficult to access this training.

The Whakatūpato Firearms Safety course is for members of the public who wish to learn about the safe use of firearms.  It is generally delivered in a way that observes Tikanga Maori; however the content can be adapted to suit other community groups.

This course is aimed at, but not limited to:

  • Maori, or those who wish to learn in an environment where Tikanga Maori is observed
  • Remote communities
  • Rural communities

The course is based in the community and may be held at:

  • Marae
  • Schools
  • Community Halls
  • Woolsheds
  • Private Homes
  • Other Venues as negotiated with the Community

Course Includes:
Participants will receive instruction on:

Course Prerequisites:
Open Entry.  Registration is determined by the community group.

Course Level:

New firearms licence applicants must complete an assessment. 

The standard Firearms Safety lecture is 2.5 hours long.  This course will include some variation on delivery times due to the nature of the programme; in some instances the standard lecture can be drawn out over one to two days, incorporating cultural processes and added repetition.  The length of the programme is negotiated to accommodate the community wants and needs.

Recommended Course Resources:
The New Zealand Police Arms Code 
Whakatūpato participant pack

All resources will be made available to all course participants as part of the course cost.

Booking a Course:
If you would like to enquire about setting up a Whakatūpato programme in your area, please contact the Mountain Safety Council on 04 385 7162 or email firearms@mountainsafety.org.nz

For a copy of the full course description please CLICK HERE

For more information regarding the Arms Code CLICK HERE
For more information regarding Firearms Licencing in New Zealand CLICK HERE



Whakatūpato Pamphlet
You can download an information brochure from the ONLINE STORE  


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