GOWeek for Organisations

15-22nd February 2019

Want to help people recreate safely? Get Outdoors Week (GO Week) is a week-long annual campaign jointly developed by New Zealand’s outdoor recreation, outdoor safety and tourism community. GO Week is about 'self-powered' outdoor recreation and therefore excludes things like 4x4 or power boating. 

What's it all about?

Communications Plan

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It's a great opportunity to send a media release about what your organisation is going to do for Get Outdoors Week. Below are two templates that you simply need to fill in the blanks and send to the contact list below. Pro Tip: Find your local paper's website and search for 'contact us'. They should have an email address available to get in touch with them. Hopefully, they get in touch and send a reporter out to cover the story. 

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Major Media: Email Contact List 

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2019 Visuals Guide

2019 Poster Set

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Click here to download 45MB Full Visual Set for 2019 or contact design@mountainsafety.org.nz


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