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Snow Code for Snowsports

In the vast majority of things we do, acting responsibly is the best way to avoid injury, and snowsports are no different.

If you behave in an appropriate manner while you’re out on the slopes, your chances of hurting yourself – or someone else – are significantly reduced. The steps of the Snow Code are about behaving in a commonsense manner that will keep you safe on the mountain.


Know before you snow 

The New Zealand Avalanche Advisory (NZAA) is New Zealand's source for up to date forecasts. Please make sure you check the advisiory before going into the hills. Know before you snow. 

We strongly advise checking MetService - Mountain Forecast for weather conditions. 

Head to our YouTube Channel, our our Facebook Page for more information about how to #MakeItHomeNZ


The New Zealand Snow Safety Code:

1. Know your limits
- Ride to your ability, control your speed
- Be aware of the conditions
- Take a lesson

2. Find your space
- Stop where you can be seen
- Give others room
- Look ahead

3. Protect yourself
- Obey all signs and closures
- Tired, take a rest
- Wear a helmet

You can download the Snow Safety Code from the online store here.

Avalanche Pamphlets

avalanche-safety-cover   avalanche-rescue-cover

You can download the Avalanche Safety and Avalanche Rescue pamphlets from our online store here.




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