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Mike Daisley - CEO

Mike Daisley | Chief Executive

I joined the Mountain Safety Council in January 2014 at a time of pivotal organisational change. My career has always been about influencing decisions that can make our communities stronger and better places to live. I’ve worked hard to develop a close working relationship with our board, member organisations and our wider partners. This collaborative approach was particularly important through MSC’s organisational change, and collaboration continues to be pivotal to our current and future successes. My current role as CEO brings together my experience directing various senior leadership teams within the public and private sectors across New Zealand, UK and Scandinavia.

I have a commitment to creating an environment of success, and I’m well versed in managing governance relationships and stakeholder engagement that deliver measurable impact. I prefer to create a calm leadership style that gets the most out of senior leadership teams.

I’m currently living in Wellingtons seaside township of Eastbourne with my family. I’m a keen cyclist and often clock up 200+ km in a week.



Nathan Watson - Partnerships Manager

Nathan Watson | Partnerships and Insights Manager

My regular involvement with the Mountain Safety Council began in 2011 when I became a Council Delegate representing GirlGuiding NZ in my role at the time as National Outdoor Programme Co-ordinator. In 2013 I joined the MSC as a staff member and since then have held several different roles within the organisation.

The outdoors has always been a pivotal element of my life and I spent countless weekends and school holidays roaming around Arthur’s Pass, Abel Tasman and Nelson Lakes National Parks with my family. It was a natural progression to study in this field and I completed a Bachelor of Outdoor Recreation and Adventure Education from CPIT before spending extended periods of time working in South Africa and Asia.   

The outdoors has enabled me to see and experience some of the most wonderful things in life and I’m deeply passionate about being able to positively influence other people’s outdoor experiences.

I’m excited to be leading our partnership focused work and engaging with so many wonderful likeminded people who are equally committed to improving outdoor safety. Through focused collaboration and mutually beneficial action the MSC and partners will achieve some significant milestones.

After my wife and I relocated to Wellington in 2016 we’ve been enjoying exploring many new and varied adventure opportunities in the lower North Island, and with the arrival of our first child in early 2017 those adventure are sure to continue, albeit a little differently!   




Nick Kingstone | Communications Manager

After many years with Outward Bound Australia as an instructor, trainer and finally marketing coordinator, I arrived back in New Zealand in January 2016 with my family to begin my current role as Communications Manager. I arrived at an important time for The Mountain Safety Council (MSC) as it continued to develop the foundations upon which many years of work were to be built upon. Late in 2015 when I was interviewing for this role I was excited by the direction that MSC was heading, and the things they strived to achieve. I’m even more excited now that I’m part of this development.

I’m continually encouraged by the brilliant partners we work with and the confidence they put in MSC to deliver on our vision statement. We are fortunate to be able to work with some incredibly forward thinking organisations who help us to engage with communities and tell the stories we need to tell.

I am proud to contribute to MSC gaining a greater profile and influence in the outdoors community as well as the outdoors industry. The challenges are many and varied but through collaboration and a will to explore, we are demonstrating the effectiveness of modern design & marketing principles that help us communicate our safety messaging. We’re also continually challenging ourselves to find improvements to the campaigns and are driven by the need to engage with the various outdoor users across the country. We have some exciting projects still ahead of us, and I’m looking forward to watching these become a part of the Kiwi outdoors experience.

On a personal note, I always feel the need to strap on the boots and go for a walk. I’m often called outside principally because it’s raining, a compulsion I’ve had since I was a kid that has never left me. I’ve had a connection to the outdoors for as long as I can remember and am now enjoying the next phase of life introducing our young daughter to the outdoors with my wife here in Wellington. As the time passes our little one gets more adventurous and we’re able to venture ever further into the hills, which is a pleasure I hope to have for many years to come



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