Cooking and Fires

People who cook in the outdoors of New Zealand are up for a whole other level of el-fresco dining experience - whether it be on a mountain top, on a camping trip or in a backcountry hut. It is a great way to celebrate a long day of outdoor adventuring with a hot meal and friends.

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What can happen and how to deal with it

It is important to understand how to prepare and how to mitigate the risks around cooking and fires to keep you and our natural environment, safe from harm.

  • Cookers tipping in a camp - be sure to set up your camp correctly with enough room for the cooking to occur safely.
  • Huts - Turn the heating off carefully, triple checking and leave the hut as you found it, restocking firewood for the next person.
  • Running out of fuel - Always take enough supplies and fuel for an emergency situation or an extra night or two. Keep these dry in wet conditions. Read more in our cooking pamphlet.
  • A survival situation where you need heat, fast! - Take the right items for a survival situation and learn how to make a fire in our Camp Craft series check out our survival section or sufficient supplies
  • Risks to the environment - Get a fire permit from DOC and also consider fire risks especially in the summer months.

Helpful hint:

Always soak your ashes in a bucket for as long as possible, in warmer months these can easily cause forest fires.

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Cooking in the outdoors

Helpful hint:

To make a fire you need three things - oxygen, fuel and heat.

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Department of Conservation - Here you can see what they do to help the prevention of fires, get fire permits and understand more about how to be responsible while outdoor cooking.

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