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Collecting data and developing insights is a fundamental part of our organisation, as we aim to prevent incidents in outdoor recreation in New Zealand. Since 2015 we have been working with our partners and developing insights through incident data and uncovering never before seen information in the outdoor safety sector.

MSC’s principle of bringing together the various data sets to gain insights for improving safety in the outdoors is a sound one.
– Kirsten Malpas, Senior Injury Prevention Specialist for ACC
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Issue Specific Advisory Function

The New Zealand Mountain Safety Council (MSC) works closely with council member organisations and partners to access a wide range of data about participation and incidents in the outdoors. Read more

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There and Back

An exploration of outdoor recreation incidents in New ZealandPublished July 2016 

For the first time, the outdoor recreation sector has a comprehensive picture of what’s been going on in the New Zealand outdoors from an outdoor safety perspective, across 5 major outdoor recreation activities. Read more

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A Hunter's Tale

A deep dive into hunting incidents in New ZealandPublished March 2017 

A Hunter's Tale represents the most comprehensive exploration of hunting participation and incidents in New Zealand. Read more

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A Walk in the Park?

A deep dive into tramping incidents in New Zealand Published July 2018A Walk in the Park? is the third insights publication to be released following 'There and Back, 2016' and 'A Hunter’s Tale, 2017'. We now dive into incidents tramping incidents in New Zealand. Read more

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Scaling Success

During 2017/2018 the NZ Mountain Safety Council (MSC) developed a series of track-specific tramping videos.  The purpose of the video series was to provide a specific planning resource that could be used in the ‘active trip-planning’ phase of trip preparations. Read more