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Alpine environments are steep and exposed by their very nature. When a hunter loses their footing in this environment the consequences are typically worse than in other hunting environments. Alpine hunting fatalities are typically the result of falling which is perhaps of little surprise given the steep terrain. A clear trend emerged through our analysis - four of the five alpine hunting fatalities were alone at the time. Had these hunters been with another person at the time of their fall, or were carrying a suitable communication device, some of these fatalities could have been prevented or downgraded to a serious incident instead of a fatality.

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60% of alpine hunter injuries were caused by falling.
A Hunter's Tale, 2017


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A Hunter's Tale 

Developed by the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council (MSC) 'A Hunter's Tale' represents the most comprehensive exploration of hunting participation and incidents in New Zealand. Building on the success of There and Back (2016) this publication represents the first in a series of comprehensive ‘deep dives’ and explores hunting and firearms safety through the presentation of key insights. 

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