Small Game Hunting

Small game hunting has always been an accessible hunting type and is often where many hunters start to learn basic hunting skills. Because of its relative accessibility, this type of hunting tends to attract large numbers of hunters, particularity those starting out or those who are restricted by mobility or accessibility. Similar to game bird hunting we uncovered a surprisingly high number of firearms related injuries. The details of these incidents suggest very poor firearms safety practice.

Watch as we uncover key risks and ways to mitigate them with the Hunter's Club NZ: 


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Rabbit hunters are 10.5x more likely to sustain a gunshot wound than any other type of hunter.
A Hunter's Tale, 2017

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What are the risks? 

A Hunter's Tale 

Developed by the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council (MSC) 'A Hunter's Tale' represents the most comprehensive exploration of hunting participation and incidents in New Zealand. Building on the success of There and Back (2016) this publication represents the first in a series of comprehensive ‘deep dives’ and explores hunting and firearms safety through the presentation of key insights. 

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Prepare for your hunt

Play by the rules

Almost all firearms related hunting incidents relate back to one of the 7 Basic Firearms Safety rules. This is especially important in Small Game hunting where you are 3.5x more likely to have a firearms handling injury than any other hunting type.


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