Find out where you can get the skills you need in the outdoors. There are plenty of places to train up your skills in the outdoors – find yourself a course with one of the many providers below. We’ve collated a list of potential providers below. However, it is worth noting that these providers all deliver different services/products, they may not be available in the area you live and they don’t necessarily deliver courses in all disciplines to all levels.

Note: This list has been compiled by the MSC to assist you in finding another bushcraft or risk management training course provider. It is not an exhaustive list of providers and there may be others you wish to contact. The MSC does not specifically endorse any of these providers, and recommends you undertake your own research in order to find a bushcraft or risk management training course provider that suits you.

If you are aware of another bushcraft or risk management training course provider that has not been included in the list below, please let us know by emailing



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General Outdoors

Bushcraft And Risk Management 


Note: A list of outdoor providers accredited to deliver The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary AwardAdventurous Journey training, practice or assessments, broken down by region, is available on The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award website. 

North Island

Auckland / Northland / Waikato

South Island 

Nelson / Tasman
Otago / Southland

Outdoor Education Centres


North Island

Great Barrier Island / Tongariro

South Island 

Canterbury / Lewis Pass

Independently Qualified Instructors And Guides

  • Individually qualified instructors are available through the New Zealand Outdoor Instructors Association (NZOIA).
  • Skills Active Aotearoa (Skills Active) have a pool of qualified assessors who can be contracted to deliver outdoor training and assessment. To contact an assessor, visit the Skills Active website here.



South Island

NZ Southern Alps
NZ Southern Alps / Fiordland



Professional Avalanche Courses

Recreational Avalanche Courses


Central North Island







The Mountain Safety Council delivers the Firearms Safety programme nationally under contract with the New Zealand Police.

Firearms Licence Process - 2016

Firearms Safety Course

PLEASE NOTE: To book your firearms safety test you must contact the Arms Officer at your local NZ Police station

The Firearms Safety course is for members of the public who wish to learn about the safe use of firearms.  The course is primarily for new firearms licence applicants who are required to undergo a course of firearms safety training and pass a theoretical test on firearms safety as per Regulation 14 of the Arms Regulations 1992.  The course is delivered under a contract on behalf of the NZ Police.

Participants will receive instruction on:

Course Prerequisites: Open entry

Course Level: Introductory

Duration: This course can range from two to three hours

Recommended Course Resources: The New Zealand Police Arms Code - This is the primary reference for this course.  It will be made available to all course participants as part of the course cost.

Booking a Course: Bookings for this course are made through the local New Zealand Police station or Police Arms Office. Participants need to book their place on a course prior to attending. For a copy of the full course description please see the document below:

pdf MSC Firearms Safety Course Description - 2017 pdf – 56 KB


Whakatupato Firearms Safety Course

The Whakatūpato programme (meaning take care) aims to provide firearms safety training to remote and rural communities where for many reasons it may be difficult to access this training.

The Whakatūpato Firearms Safety course is for members of the public who wish to learn about the safe use of firearms.  It is generally delivered in a way that observes Tikanga Maori; however the content can be adapted to suit other community groups.

This course is aimed at, but not limited to:

  • Maori, or those who wish to learn in an environment where Tikanga Maori is observed
  • Remote communities
  • Rural communities

The course is based in the community and may be held at:

  • Marae
  • Schools
  • Community Halls
  • Woolsheds
  • Private Homes
  • Other Venues as negotiated with the Community

Course Includes:

 Participants will receive instruction on:

Course Prerequisites: Open Entry.  Registration is determined by the community group.

Course Level: Introductory

Assessment: New firearms licence applicants must complete an assessment.

Duration: The standard Firearms Safety lecture is 2.5 hours long.  This course will include some variation on delivery times due to the nature of the programme; in some instances the standard lecture can be drawn out over one to two days, incorporating cultural processes and added repetition.  The length of the programme is negotiated to accommodate the community wants and needs 


Outdoor First Aid 


North Island


South Island



Abseil And Rock Climbing 

North Island

Great Barrier Island / Tongariro

South Island

Wanaka and Queenstown