Plan Your Trip

Plan your tripSeek local knowledge, plan the route you will take and the amount of time you can reasonably expect it to take.

Whether it is a bushwalk, a multi-day tramp or a specialised outdoor activity, the planning of an outdoor excursion in New Zealand’s backcountry is essential for you to have a great time and also to make it home. 

It doesn't take long to plan an outdoor adventure and will increase the likelihood of a fantastic time out.

Questions to ask when you plan

  • Where are you going? Find routes online, talk to experienced friends and experts to find a trip that suits your skills. Do you need permission for the area? 
  • Who are you going with? How experienced are the group members? What previous experience and skills can they bring?
  • How long will it take? - Each day and total trip time - Think about each day and the total trip / an achievable daily distance
  • Where will you stay at night? Are there huts along the way? Will you camp?
  • Where can you get local knowledge? Visit your local DOC centre, talk to locals or research online.
  • What are potential hazards? Think about the weather, the season, the local area and understand what hazards could occur along your trip. 

Helpful hint:

Plan your trip with your group members so everyone understands the story, right from the get-go. 


Group of walkers - Kerry A

Read more about your desired activity

Whether you walk, run, hunt or climb – we have specific information you need for your favourite activity based on the Outdoor Safety Code.

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What is #MakeItHomeNZ?

MSC encourages exploration and adventure in the incredible wilderness regions of New Zealand. We encourage you to participate, get out there and see what all the fuss is about. New Zealand is on the bucket list of so many people around the world for good reason.
We also encourage safe practices that ensure you make it home to your family and friends. We want you to make it home with adventurous stories, memories and photos. But, most of all we want you to make it home to do it all again next time. That's why on every advertisement, press release, video and resource we reaffirm our intent to help the 1.2 Million+ participants in outdoor recreation to make it home. You can help us spread this philosophy by sharing our resources and following the outdoor safety code so you make it home.
– Mike Daisley, CEO