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Pig hunters appear to have a very good safety record right up until a pig has been ‘bailed’ or caught by their dogs. Nearly all pig hunting fatalities occurred as a result of a hunter trying to reach their dogs. Elevated adrenaline and the urgency to reach their dogs / the pig seems to greatly increase the rate of injury, getting lost and fatality. There are times where pig hunters are taking additional risks that they normally wouldn’t consider doing, or may have managed differently in hindsight.

A key learning from our research is that pig hunters should be particularly aware of their emotional response and adrenaline levels when they catch a pig.  It’s wise to remember that the ‘bailed pig’ scenario is a high octane, high-risk arena often in close quarters. Any endeavour to calmly make logical level-headed decisions is likely to dramatically reduce the likelihood of a serious incident.

Watch as we uncover key risks and ways to mitigate them with the NZ Hunter's Club: 

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14% of injuries to pig hunters are from dog or pig bites.
A Hunter's Tale, 2017


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What are the risks? 

A Hunter's Tale 

Developed by the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council (MSC) 'A Hunter's Tale' represents the most comprehensive exploration of hunting participation and incidents in New Zealand. Building on the success of There and Back (2016) this publication represents the first in a series of comprehensive ‘deep dives’ and explores hunting and firearms safety through the presentation of key insights. 

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