Big Game Hunting

More hunters take part in big game hunting than any other form of hunting, so it’s not surprising that they have the largest number of incidents. With respect to the ‘Roar,’ hunting behaviour appears to change and the rate of injury, search and rescue and fatality increases. There is a possible correlation between this behavioural change and increased frequency of participation in concentrated areas of the country. These areas may require higher risk techniques and may be under different conditions than at other times of the year.

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80% of daytime misidentified shootings were members of the same party.
– A Hunter's Tale, 2017


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What are the risks? 

A Hunter's Tale 

Developed by the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council (MSC) 'A Hunter's Tale' represents the most comprehensive exploration of hunting participation and incidents in New Zealand. Building on the success of There and Back (2016) this publication represents the first in a series of comprehensive ‘deep dives’ and explores hunting and firearms safety through the presentation of key insights. 

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NZ Police - Understand more about firearms safety, getting licensed and the rules here.

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